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Your ID on your phone.
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Driver’s licenses are the de facto standard ID of US citizens, but the current system is based on legacy technologies that don't provide maximum security and convenience. With Apple Wallet and Android Wallet, we have the ability to store credit cards, tickets, and coupons all on our mobile devices, but why not our IDs? It's the logical next step.

There are a lot of challenges in making a viable ID for screen, after all, almost anything on a screen can be copied and identities are much more important than credit cards. ID-2 is a modernized ID card, and it's where we could be with identification in the near future.

Super secure.

Physical driver’s licenses are easy to forge and your information is easy to steal because it’s always visible. Digital ID requires a recognized fingerprint to view and has several security features built in to prevent identity theft and forgery.

1 —
Touch ID + Find My iPhone

A fingerprint is required to access the ID, and native features like Find My iPhone mean that if you lose your phone, you can either locate it or easily remote wipe your data.

2 —
Portrait Interaction

Long pressing the ID brings the portrait to the top layer, an interaction that can't be replicated through video or images.

3 —
State Seal Optical Illusion

Two seals on either side of the portrait appear and disappear when the gradient layer rolls over them, preventing screenshot forgeries.

4 —
Rolling Gradient

Persistent rolling gradient ensures screenshots can't be used as fake IDs and works with specially treated state seals to produce optical illusion.

5 —
Background Pattern

Security background pattern that differs for each state. Difficult to reproduce from scratch.

6 —
Encrypted Barcode

Contains unique encrypted ID number. Allows for authentication of information on the card and the individuals history.

Modernizing the
US state ID.

Current driver’s licenses put all your information onto the barcode and most are unencrypted, meaning that anyone with a regular barcode scanner app can almost instantly have your personal information. ID-2 presents a more secure system where each individual is assigned a unique ID number encrypted with a special key, this is the visible barcode.

Police scanners will be able to ping the ID-2 database with your barcode, where the ID number is decrypted and your information is retrieved. This is then sent back to the scanner to be decrypted by the scanner's key, confirming the IDs authenticity and the individual's driving/criminal history.

Businesses won't have access to the primary database, but will have access to the public API, where the scanned barcode will have the API return some partial information, including full name and age.


ID-2 Guidelines
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